Math of the Day

How fast can you add the first 1000 positive integers? No calculators allowed (it would take too long, anyway, with a calculator.)


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Did You Know?

that NASA uses 3.141592653589793 as an approximation for π?











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Stories of Mathematics

Geometry of a Spherical City

Imagine a tiny, livable planet has just been discovered. The air is clean and the grass is greener. It will be colonized immediately and become humanity’s first City Planet. City planners are hired and space fares are being negotiated as we speak. YOU are appointed Chief Mathematician. You are given a week to construct a geometry system for your planet. After some measurements, you find out that the shape of the planet resembles a sphere with radius of approximately 5 miles. What type of geometry would best fit your new planet?

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for Teachers

Scratch for Teaching and Assessing Geometry Concepts

Scratch is fun. More important, students find it easy to code in Scratch, and

learning or applying math concepts can happen routinely and seamlessly.

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